Chelsea and Aaron

We are so happy that Chelsea and Aaron have found each other! They absolutely great together! Their whole wedding day was wonderful. Such a fun day! The the leaves were vibrant bright falls colors and the air was brisk. Inside the venue was nice and cozy; a lovely setting for love! The venue was Fort Thomas Community Center and Mess Hall in Fort Thomas, KY. Once a military fort during the Civil War, now it’s become a beautiful park and event venue.

One thing this is obvious about this couple is that they love to dance! Which makes sense because they met at a dance. Melanie, Chelsea’s maid of honor, shared a story how they met and how Chelsea “Dare Danced” her way into Aaron’s heart! Melanie explained that “Dare Dancing” is when you dare someone to dance as crazy as they can behind someone else with out letting them catch you! The rest of the reception, guests and the wedding party were “Dare Dancing” each other! Who knows, there might be another amazing relationship started that night from “Dare Dancing”!

We enjoyed working with Chelsea and Aaron and wish them the best as they begin this wonderful chapter of their lives together!

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