Alyssa and Gabriel Vintage Wedding

Gabriel and Alyssa’s wedding was so wonderful!  Alyssa’s passion and vibrant personality goes so well with Gabriel’s chill demeanor and kind heart. It’s fun to see them together and how happy they are to have found each other!

And this wedding was extra special for another reason! We love vintage style and decor and so does Alyssa! Alyssa and Gabriel had so many wonderful decor pieces and Alyssa had such gorgeous vintage dress!

Before she was married Alyssa worked at our favorite vintage shop, in Downtown Milford. It was called Gayle’s Vintage Clothing. And it was run by a very special lady named Gayle. We shopped at Gayle’s for our wedding and many times after. We loved spending Sunday afternoons there chatting with Gayle and looking at her amazing collection of beautiful clothes and items.  Her shop was the type of shop where high schoolers would come in after school and hang out spending the afternoon trying on clothes for fun. Every thing in her store always seemed to have such an interesting story to tell, including Gayle herself!

Sadly Alyssa lost Gayle shortly before her wedding, but we know Gayle would have loved seeing the beautiful vintage decor at Alyssa’s wedding. We know we loved her gorgeous wedding!



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